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Add photo via app to in progress desktop note


Consider a mobile app feature that lets you easily add a camera image to an in-progress note while you are working on your desktop or web client.

Here's how it would work:

I'm sitting in a meeting taking notes on my Mac. 

Suddenly I decide to draw a diagram on my napkin, or need to capture the white board, or a document that my colleague hands out. I don't want it as a separate note, but right in with the work I'm currently doing.

I whip out my phone and use the new "add to note in progress" widget to snap a picture with my camera.

On my Mac (or browser) a notification pops up in my current note window, and says "it looks like you just captured an image. Would you like to add it to this note?"

I click YES and choose where in the note I want the image to appear.


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At present, this is the definition of a "conflicting change" in Evernote. I don't know what might be all the implications of trying to implement it. But I'll admit it sounds like a spectacularly good idea; it might perhaps be done pretty readily now on a tablet.

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It's possible now - kinda.  Grab your tablet or phone and take as many snaps as you like into a new note or notes.  Once you've finished your 'in progress' text,  save the images from your other notes to your desktop and add them into the main text either as a gallery,  or as individual illustrations.

Conversely,  as @Dave-in-Decatur says - just use a tablet and mix typing with pictures along the way.

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