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I love Evernote and Im using the evernote.app premium. But the theme and colors are bad, there is no way to customized it. That's a pitty, I use it often, and the design is important for me! I hope, there will be someting towards this in the next update.

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I also would like to modify the colors of the notes in the Windows App. The visual aspect of any tool/software one uses is important and it also helps with categorizing or highlighting notes aside from the tagging or notebook system.

The formatting option that was introduced to the tags and notebooks was a good and a helpful touch for sure. I hope that you can start customizing the note background color within the note itself, as well as in the note list so you can color code notes the way you like.

Moving notes, and organizing them similar to a Trello format or a MindMap kind of space would be another great value to me. It sounded like the "spaces" they were asking questions about in the recent survey, may be similar to that idea. We shall see.

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Hi.  For his own use,  @RobertJSawyer created a style sheet for the Web (browser) version of Evernote that gets rid of most of the glaring white; https://userstyles.org/styles/110978/evernote-with-less-eyestrain
(If you use Firefox, install the Stylish add on, then install his stylesheet.)

He also suggested Pangolin Software's free PangoBright utility which lets you dim your screen easily:


There are a couple of voting threads that might be applicable...


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