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(Archived) Evernote should not force us to keep notebooks in same file

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I seemed to observe earlier in the forum that some people seemed confused as to why anyone wouldn't want to keep all of their notebooks in the same file. I responded already that there's a scalability concern, here's another one (that I just thought of today)

I am not a lawyer, but, my understanding is, if users are forced to keep their business and personal notebook together, and there is a lawsuit over a business issue, if relevant business records are kept in an Evernote file, I believe the opposing counsel will be able to get their hands on the whole file. You lose privacy to your personal notebooks because it in the same file as the business notebooks.

My understanding is you CANNOT resolve this problem by exporting the business records, because opposing counsel will want the file itself to do a data analysis to see when you edited it and how you edited it, in order to check if you forged records AFTER the event under litigation.

Once again, I am not a lawyer, I haven't researched this issue, but this is my understanding based on statements by a lawyer. I hope that Evernote soon has the ability to separate notebooks in different files like Onenote or Evernote 2.2 does, because the current implementation is problematic.

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When the lawyers are in the "discovery" process (we laymen call it "a fishing expedition") they will more than likely subpoena your entire computer. Which is why I am always interested in being able to keep EverNote databases on separate external USB hard drives and/or flash memory sticks. (I'm not a lawyer either, but I talk with people who are.)

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