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Web Clipper should detect whether the resource is already clipped



When I navigate to a page/uri/whatever in my browser, I would like the Web Clipper to detect and display a little check box or indication that I have already clipped something from a given resource or url. I'm already authenticated. You already suggest similar posts when I clip something, so why not take it a step further and save me the grief of having to check the site or app whether I clipped something OR accidentally duplicating my clips unintentionally (sometimes I simply forget).  

Prrrretty pleeease?

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Hi.  It's quite difficult to work out whether one clip is going to be the same as another.  Do changed dates / different adverts count?  What if the page has been updated since you last saw it and now has new content? What if you clipped a different selection than the one you just chose?  (I clip from newpaper sites forinstance and that's the same site but different every day...)

Plus clipping currently is getting a copy of the page (or some significant bit of it) that you see.  No searches,  no checks and balances.  Verifying this is the first time you've been to this page means searching your database,  finding the note(s) that relate to this site and (maybe) showing the one most similar to the current clip with a 'do you really want to clip this again?' sort of message.  Makes clipping twice as long a process,  and involves possibly several times as many clicks/ taps to get it done.

I'd rather occasionally find that a search in my database gives me two very similar notes,  shrug and delete one of them.  Seems a lot more efficient.

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