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How to view a notebook fullscreen


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I'm getting back to Evernote after sometime away and trying to reorient myself. I'm mostly using the web version, on Chrome and/or Firefox. I can't figure out how to expand my viewing of the notebooks to fullscreen, or even just to widen that window, the way you can expand a note to fullscreen. Some of my notebooks have a bunch of notes within them and I'd like to be able to quickly glance over the contents of the notebook. How do you view a notebook fullscreen?

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slaw,  Using the Web Version I don't think you can do what you're after.

Try installing the Windows App and you'll be able to display all of a Notebook contents as Icons where you are currently seeing the Note contents.

Seems like this was doable a couple years ago in the Web Version, but when the UI was updated this was lost.

Personally, I find the Windows Desktop App much more usable for this and many other reasons.


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