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Searchable audio files - especially audio recording

Wilson Loo


It would be good if Evernote reindexes audio files especially audio recordings that are done in Evernote. For instance, when we attend meetings or lectures, we might need to review some content which we were not able to notate or transcribe. Therefore if Evernote is able to reindexes and make the audio file searchable, we can find the note with that keyword or phrase and the specific time it was said so we can playback from that point in the recording. 

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Another option for transcribing your audio files is

successstoryinhindi.com <a href="https://successstoryinhindi.com">click kare</a>

 A little more cost effective than the other options mentioned.

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I think this is something which would be the next evolution step of Evernote's search engine. I do a lot of journal audio logs and would love to have a possibility to have them searchable. I do not need super precise transcription. To find the right audio file it is enough to get enough key words, names and locations from the audio assigned later assigned as meta data as it is done with pictures. So it can be found by some input from my memory. For now you have to use external services to generate a txt from mp3, then copy the txt to the note with the mp3. Using the right APIs from specialised transcription services Evernote should easily integrate that functionality - could be another PREMIUM option! Would LOVE it!

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