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exclude notes by user for future search results



In January 2017 and now (October 2017), I have contacted EN by email to ask for users to have the ability to exclude notes in future searches.  The reply today was " The best place to make your voice heard is on our Evernote User Forum."  If this idea appeals to you, PLEASE say so in replies.

When I do a search, many times there are results that do not come close to what I was looking for.  I would like a way to indicate that a note should not be included in future searches for a given term.  For example, today a search for "tom" returned notes with auTOMatic, etc.  If I had an option to "exclude this note in future searches for 'tom'," I would have more pertinent results.  I am very careful with how I name notes, tags and notebooks, and I would be equally careful about identifying exclusions so I wouldn't interfere with good results. 

I have many notebooks and a huge number of tags for "paging" through different topics, but when I want a broader search, I don't want extraneous material returned that takes time for me to bypass . . . again and again.  I love Evernote and use notebooks, tags and search everyday when I am on the computer and Internet!  Having an option to personally designate a note as not pertinent to a future search with a given term would be the cherry on the hot fudge sundae.



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On 10/11/2017 at 8:17 PM, ssmithrph said:

For example, today a search for "tom" returned notes with auTOMatic, etc.

EN search won't return notes with automatic if tom is the search term, search only works on the start of a word.  There must be another word in the note that starts with tom. 

Relative to the specific question, for a frequent search I think the best solution today is to create a saved search and use that search henceforth.  Workaround until/if ever the function you seek is installed.

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On 2017-10-11 at 6:17 PM, ssmithrph said:

ability to exclude notes in future searches. 

You should be aware of the search syntax documented at    Evernote Search Grammar

afaik, a search for “Tom” will not return “Automatic” but you can exclude search terms using negation, for example    -Automatic

I try to restrict my text searches to intitle.  I get fewer false hits

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