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Improve propose for Evernote


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Hello. I have enjoyed using your application 3 years. But I would very much like to see it further improvement! In particular, I very much ask you to add the ability to move an entire line of the list, which is implemented in the same simple Google keep. This function helps to regulate the relevance  of the task list and their priority.
Thank you in advance, I hope for your understanding!
Yours faithfully,


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I had never tried Google Keep before, I am glad you mentioned it and I checked it out. I like how you can color code the entire note and get a grid view of all your notes. I have been wanting a format that I can review the notes in a more fluid way which Google Keeps seems to have. And color coding the entire note view is really helpful.

Also, you might want to post/move this to the Feature Request section of the forum, it may get more attention there.



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