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Evernote problems with images and fluency after last update

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hello, I'm trying to save my Quora blog pages, however, Evernote is really slow in doing this, sometimes takes 3 minutes. 
Also, when I'm trying to edit the article, Evernote seems to freeze, while only after 30 seconds the changes occur in real time. 
Furthermore, after I save my article some images won't display, see below what I mean.
The screenshot is my article, the second is my article in Evernote.
Strangely enough, the images do display when I'm in presentation mode.


When I make a shareable link. the images become attachments, I want to see the images in my Evernote, also when I try to replace the images with the actual images, 
it works, however, Evernote is so slow when editing it impedes the process of doing so.

Even more strange when I go into edit mode on the Evernote web version the images do show up . . .

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