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Question about "New Meeting note"




I see the option of add a "New Meeting Note" on the sidebar of web versión, and it is very useful for me, but I notice that it only recognizes meetings from my main "Personal" google calendar.

Is there any way to make it also recognize meetings in other calendars?

My main calendar is for personal matters, and I schedule meetings on another ('Work') calendar.

Thanks in advance for the reply ...

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Hi.  I'd never noticed this option before!  I see it's flagged as 'beta' - so may still be in development to (maybe) add more choices.  Meantime I tend not to use the web version because - previously - it's been less fully featured than the installed desktop.  However we don't have this option at all on the installed app.  Short term I'd suggest you use the 'create blank meeting note' option I see there,  and change the title of this post to 'Add the option to choose one or more meeting calendars'  - or some such.

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I just wanted to try out this feature and it is still flagged as "beta" and still only displays my personal calendar. I have three main calendars: Personal, work and a shared one with my wife. Out of those the personal one is probably the least important as most of my personal appointments concern both my wife and me. Could this be addressed soon? Full integration with Google Calendar both ways would be amazing.

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