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Webclipper problems, Safari, High Sierra

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I've suddenly lost the ability to use web clipper for Safari on both my MacBook and Mac. Both systems run the latest version of High Sierra. Webclipper appears with a dot next to it indicating I need to sign in. I sign in, enter the code, and am then whisked to a page that disappears. Webclipper itself is never enabled. 

I've tried quitting and restarting Safari, restarting my computer, signing in and out, uninstalling and installing both developer and gallery options, adjusting privacy settings, turning on and off Ghostery and Adplus, even a complete uninstall and reinstall. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions anyone?



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I started experiencing this behaviour today, too.

Like JBB above, I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Evernote clipper extension several times, restarted Safari, signed in/out, tried gallery/developer versions and restarted my Mac. The only other extension installed in Safari is 1Password.


- Evernote clipper: 6.12.4

- 1Password: 4.6.11

- Safari: 11.0 (13604.


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I have a similar issue.  When I start clipper on a page, it seems to start and then complains about cookies being how Web Clipper works.  I've checked Safari preferences and have evernote cookies being accepted.  Chrome works fine btw but is not my browser of choice for most things.


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Try this:

  1. Uninstall the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari by navigating to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Evernote Web Clipper and choose Uninstall.
  2. From the menubar, choose Safari > Clear History and choose All History then Clear History.
  3. On your keyboard, press ⌘ command + ⌥ option + escsimultaneously, then select Safari and choose Force Quit.
  4. Restart your Mac.
  5. Open Safari and install the Evernote Web Clipper extension from https://safari-extensions.apple.com/
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