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Fix Code Block PLEASE



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I use code block formatting a lot.  Am I crazy for doing this?  How long will this feature be in "beta"?  It's been over a year now right? maybe more?

Here's a fresh note I just created in EN Mac v6.12.3 (455520 Direct), the code block looks like this (I have already "Simplified Formatting" and made sure that everything is "clean" several times)


Now, switch over to the same note on the iOS app (v8.4.1) and...


Not only does this make editing on mobile impossible, but it concerns me that data will be corrupted/lost.

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Another bug:

Copying text from a code block you sometimes end up with HTML entities instead of the raw text. Example:

echo "HelloWorld" > foo.txt

When you select that block of text in Evernote and COPY it, you end up with this in the clipboard:

echo "helloWorld" > foo.txt

This doesn't always happen, but it does happen sometimes — I've attached here an .enex file where it can be reproduced.


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3 hours ago, luckman212 said:

Is a fix for the mangled code blocks on iOS coming any time soon?

You’re posting in the Mac section of a User discussion forum 

You might want to post in the iOS section.  Also it’s better to post in the release discussion.  Below is a link to the release discussion for IOS 8.3


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I was posting in the Mac section because I am not sure where the bug actually lies..... codeblocks were Ok on the iOS client until the 6.12/6.13 betas came along. Something about how they are saving/formatting the code blocks internally is messing up the iOS clients I think.

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Right on...the problem lies all over.

I've had tickets opened left and right for this.  iOS, Windows, Mac - doesn't matter.  I'll have it beautifully formatted, and then (for example) someone with their Windows client will open the note.  As soon as they do and make any change whatsoever (not even to the code; just putting a character anywhere) it screws up the code formatting and the note will "break" and data gets lost.  It stinks.  I usually use something else 3rd-party-wise and link it in the note, so everything doesn't get screwed up when people view my notes containing code block.

It's a shame that it doesn't work well yet.  I'll just continue using other methods for that particular problem.

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