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[BUG?] Webclipper "Related Results" doesn't find my notes


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Recently the webclipper fails to find notes, even when the search phrase appears verbatim in their title.



The webclipper "related notes" feature is to me one of the biggest advantages of Evernote.

Recently however, it usually fails to find anything. As mentioned in [this older thread], it will not show up at all if it cannot find anything, which caused me to think the feature were broken entirely. The suggested solution of using a different search-URL didn't help.



For example, I have a note called “Rust vs Go / Golang”. 

  • If I search Google for “Rust vs Go”, no results are shown.
  • If I search Google for “Rust vs Go / Golang”, the note shows up as expected. Plus some additional results, where “rust” and “go” but not “golang” or “vs” appear in the body of the note, but have no relation to the programming languages – which is funny, since the search for “Rust vs Go” would have matched these notes better than the search for “Rust vs Go / Golang”.

For reference, I first had titled the note “Rust vs Go/GoLang” (no spaces around slash) and then renamed it “Rust vs Go / GoLang”, thinking that maybe the search-algorithm fails to treat “Go/GoLang” as two words. This change had no impact at all on the behaviour.


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