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(Archived) Feature request: better tag-filtering

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Hi guys. Love the app, but find it frustrating to filter notes by their tags with the present functionality. Is there any way you could implement a "tag browser" of the sort used in the great Mac note-taking app Notae (see: http://www.codepoetry.net/products/notae) by Code Poetry?

The most useful tags list, IMHO, is one that shortens as tags are selected. That is to say, when you select tag #1 from the list, the search results window displays files tagged #1, and the list shortens to display additional tags associated with these files. Select tag #2 from the list, and you narrow the search results down to only those files tagged #1 and #2. And so on, until you home in on the desired file.

This would be much quicker than scrolling up and down an enormous list to command-click multiple tags.

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First of all a massive thanks for the "Hide unassigned tags" feature. Tags are finally almost browsable now. I have gone through my tag list removing many of the tag groupings that I had made, so that now I have an almost flat list of tags. Now when I click on a tag, I dont need the heirachy to see the relationship of notes to each other; the list gets filtered down to show me only the related notes and tags. It feels much better than before. Can't wait for mac and iphone implementation.

Like the above user I find the tag list is still a little short of perfect though.

I'm not sure of the approach that Notae takes, but it sounds similar to the one of Delicious Bookmarks sidebar for Firefox. With such an approach, there is no need to have a tag heirachy anymore because one is dynamically created as you click on a tag.

One improvement to the current implementation that I would suggest is to not have the list of tags filtered down when you click on a note. Only filter the list down when you click on a notebook or a tag. The list of notes is the result of the search and so shouldn't affect the search, in my opinion. The notebooks and the tags list are filters, and so clicking on one or the other, should filter both the list of tags and the list of notes.

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