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Open emailed note in its native app

Jeremy B


I love Evernote's email integrations, and I make frequent use of the Outlook plugin to save email content for future reference or action.  It would be great if I could navigate from the note back to the email that created it.  This would allow me to save the email to Evernote, add notes and reminders for follow-up, then go straight from the note to the email so I could reply or forward.

Here's the process I follow now to accomplish this:

  1. Save the email to Evernote via the Outlook plugin*.
  2. Add notes and set any necessary reminders on the note.
  3. Archive the email.
  4. When it's time to take action (i.e. the reminder pops up), I open the note and review the addressing info and sent date.
  5. I go into my Outlook archive folder and search for that email.
  6. When I find it, I open the email, and reply or forward to take action.

This enhancement would remove #5 altogether, and take me directly to the email I'm looking for.

*I use the Outlook plugin as an example, but one could theoretically do this with any email platform as long as Evernote is able to record details that allow navigation back to the source.

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Up-voted.  In the meantime you may be able to get a link into the email by dragging the email from the mail list into the note created when you forwarded.  If it works with Outlook, an EML attachment will be added to the note which when double clicked should open the email in Outlook.  Workaround and two steps, so not particularly pretty.  FWIW.

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