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i have tried submittiing a ticket four times now and non of them have been replied to, the thing is that my old acount the one i had ALL my notes in, i have no access to and i need to have the notes back as i have created a new acount to transfer them to. i really need to get my acess back ASAP

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Hi.  Do you have any ticket numbers?  You should have received an immediate email confirmation that your request had been received,  and that gets you a place in a queue to be processed as soon as a support tech becomes available.  Multiple tickets are never a good idea - it takes up time to identify and delete duplicates which the techs could have spent fixing your issue.

As to your lack of access - if you go to Evernote and log in with our original username / email and password,  what happens?  The fact you have a new account should not prevent you gaining access to the original notes - I have three or four accounts and can switch between all of them as I need....

Try signing in to Evernote.com with your 'old' details an let us know what happens.

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21 hours ago, lizabell98 said:

the thing is that my old acount the one i had ALL my notes in, i have no access to

Why don't you have access to your old account? Did you forget the password?

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