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Create a search to find notes with ! in the title

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I'm wanting to create a search of any notes where the title starts with an exclamation mark. I have notes with !.15  for example. Using intitle:! doesn't bring up those notes. I'm thinking it might have something to do with no space after "!" in the title. Can anyone help? Any ideas?

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Hi.  "!" is not a searchable character.  Basically anything other than letters,  numbers and underlines could be a 'control' character limiting or extending the search,  so is (apart from valid control characters) ignored.  From How to use Evernote's advanced search syntax ...


Searches for notes that match any of the search terms listed. Without this operator, Evernote search will return only those notes that match all of the specified search terms.

any: pizza beer will return all notes containing either "pizza" or "beer" (removing this operator would return only notes containing "pizza" and "beer").

So you could search for any: intitle:15 intitle:17 etc...

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On 2017-10-04 at 8:18 AM, Hands On said:

I'm wanting to create a search of any notes where the title starts with an exclamation mark. I have notes with !.15  for example

As you’ve been told, punctuation characters are excluded from the search index (except for _)

As a workaround, sort your notes by title; your ! notes will be at the top

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