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(Archived) Tip using Evernote with Diigo

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I like to save everything to Evernote. But I still have to mashup a few things.

I like that Diigo can take a snapshot of a webpage when saving a bookmark and the community features that let me share and discuss. I know I can share a file in Evernote.

But this saves me some space sometimes in Evernote if I take the snapshot in Diigo.

I create a list in Diigo, the one I just created was China to dominate markets

http://www.diigo.com/list/pwwroa/chines ... te-markets

then I email that list to Evernote.

The only reason I save a few things to Diigo is I use every bit of the 500mb a month storage.

I still think it is better to have ONE PLACE FOR EVERYTHING

but I still have to mashup a few things.


I am reading the book Total Recall, it is a really good read.

He has the same idea that all of us that use Evernote do :)

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