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Why is the newer one's interface so anti-intuitive?



What I liked about the first version was how fast and easy it was to use.  On the right side of the work area there was an intuitive (meaning - no time lost trying to find out how to us it) interface for changing colors, size, font etc. with simple point and click.


I just upgraded (is it really an really when it becomes less intuitive?) and have spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to change the font size and color!  When I use the help and choose to see the user guide - it takes me to the download page where I cannot find the guide!


With this newer version the controls are either tucked away in a menu where I have to go looking for them every time I want them (rather than just staying in the work area), and I still have not found some!  Of course I could take the time to memorize yet another set of key shortcuts - but this was totally unnecessary with the first version! 


The first version a "Font, Size, and Color" icon on the right side of the work area that worked no matter which tool you were using.  I cannot fathom why anyone would want to change this simplicity and ingenious design to tuck things away into menus, and wherever else they may be,  in the newer versions?


The first version was SO easy that I used it immediately with no searching for options. Please go back and look how the first version is actually an upgrade in common sense use when compared with the current version.


So many programmers nowadays seem to think they need to mimic the Microsoft approach of adding more steps to each task that used to take only one step.  Is this b/c newer programmers coming into a project think they have to come up with a new idea to impress their boss - and so the intuitive ease of use is sacrificed?

The best software is the kind where you don't need a manual to get done what you want to get done.  Software that requires a series of steps to be memorized for each action (go to this menu, select this submenu, click on the third option, stand on your head and cluck like a chicken) is counter productive, counter intuitive, and very, very frustrating.


PLEASE - bring back the simplicity of use by re-implementing the intuitive interface design.

BTW - I used to teach programming - these newer versions are what I taught both high school students and adults (night school) to avoid like the plague if they wanted to make a good product.


Please take all of this as constructive criticism,.  I know your company is capable of making great software from the past version.  I went back to that version after your first update and waited it out hoping eventually the common sense usage would be re-implemented. 


Now I will go back and continue trying to figure out how to do the things in Skitch that used to be obvious.  I never needed a manual before now to use it very effectively.



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I concur.  Why is the state of human interface design so utterly deplorable?  

With great hesitation, I downloaded the version 2 of Skitch.  Mistake.  "Spiffy" interface = hard to use.

Impossible to not have shadow on font (and, no surprise, no font choice at all).

Really basic stuff.

And yes, I do know that it's "not Paintbrush".  But it's barely a drawing program.  Sigh.  Back to the drawing board.  And replacing V2 with v1.

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