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(Archived) Evernote client for n900

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Hello all

Great news for all happy n900 holders! Your waiting is over.

Qvernote - the full featured Evernote client for n900/maemo5 with offline sync support

is ready for install from extras-devel repository.

The client is written in c++ using QT toolkit (hence the name - Qvernote)

Keep in mind that initial synchronization can take a long time (10-20 minutes, depending on network) on a large note store

Have fun, and dont hesitate to report bugs and suggestions here


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Hi, if this was written on QT, can you please port it to Symbian3? Isn't it so that QT is completely open source and can be ported to Symbian3 (and many other platforms)? I don't know what's the amount of effort, so apologies if this was a stupid question.

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