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(Archived) EvernoteWM Problem

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I've been playing with Evernote3's Windows Mobile application (currently using version I've tried marking some files on my TyTN to upload, but no matter what I do, 15 of them will not upload.

I've gone through the "Select notes to upload" and un-selected then re-selected the files, but they still won't upload. I've had to go through and manually un-select them... They don't get uploaded. :D

Any ideas on what I can check to see why this is happening?

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Did you happen to check your other evernote clients to make sure the notes didn't upload? I had the issue today where the mobile client kept telling me it wouldn't, but it was lying to me. The progress "meter" stayed on 0K (zero K) and eventually "failed." It actually uploaded the same notes several times.

I haven't had that issue until today. I wonder if they either made a server change or the "success return" function is down...

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