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Any plans to update the UI?

Mikey Kuplevatsky


I'm really loving Evernote as a productivity platform, but to be honest, the UI just looks like something built in 1999. Even comparing it to Mac, the Mac one looks so much more modern. Yes, it's relatively similar in layout, but I guess I was just hoping for a nice UI, a modern one sort of like OneNote for Windows 10. Colorful, vibrant, sleek. I'm a very visual person and honestly it just looks so ugly, I end up sometimes just using the web version.

I signed up for beta, but I'm not familiar with how it works. It auto-downloads?

Also, is there a plan to update the UI for Windows?

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1 hour ago, Mikey Kuplevatsky said:

is there a plan to update the UI for Windows?

Evernote has a common editor project so I'm thinking you'll see an upgraded UI, but not everyonle likes it59d1a409388f1_ScreenShot2017-10-01at19_26_44.png.5640dc20c051865d0b8e4ccf9ca0bee6.png

We've seen common UI changes on the Web, IOS, and Mac.

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