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Odd Problem with my Evernotes crashing after about 20 Copy/Cuts. SOLVED!

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I'm not blaming Evernote itself, but on all my Windows PCs from seven to ten, Evernote always crashes randomly during cut or copy events, on an average of about every 15-20 Copy or Cuts, in may crash in the foreground when during a copy/cut itself in the application itself, or may just crash completely in a background, when I cut/copy on another program.

This happens on every Windows Machine I have Evernote installed on from Windows 7, 8 and 10. So I presume from my computing habits I must be having/using some program running interferring that causes this.

But I have been months trying to pinpoint the problem.


The crashing tends to happen more often if I'm playing a game, I don't get any send to evernote crash box either, its just minimizes , closes all the windows it had open and everything is gone (expect for the Clipper on in the system tray) , so i restart Evernote and got to relocate the note I was in all over again. Quite unreliable and irriating if I had serveral important notes on serpeate windows at once 


So I posted here and curious if anyone has an ideas or even has that problem I have.

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Hi.  Pretty sure we've not had anyone posting anything similar here,  and not much in the way of ideas either I'm afraid..  I use Windows and in the years I've been using Evernote there never has been anything similar.  It sounds like a memory problem,  but why it would affect more than one machine across several versions of Windows I just don't know...  :(

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It's either a software/driver thats either conflicting that I have installed on every machine.

     ( Something to do with my heavy networking which also shares the clipboard is my suspicion)


Or could my Database be corrupt which in-turn uploaded it to the server, and then downloading the corruption to my other machines?



Either way I can live with it. Pain, but things could be worse,  definatley doesn't sound like a memory problem as i have 8GIG or 16GIG installed on my machines.

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I really wish I could think of something else to try to stop the crashing, because I'm soon approaching the limitations of the free version, and had been planning on paying very soon.

Yet, the crashing continues in the foreground o even background without no warning, its just like, ill copy this and.. Boom! Everything gone! along with all open evernote windows, and sometimes a slight bit of data loss whatever I typed just recently, and off course, an empty clipboard.


Then its the time-consuming task opening it again, finding the note I was on before it crashed  and finding reopening the windows I had open earlier i use for reference. (I probably do this about 20 times a day)

What I've tried.


1. Deleting the entire Database Folder, and letting Evernote reconstruct it (Quite a few times now)

2. Keeping very minimum other applications open, sometimes nothing but Evernote and a just an internet browser.

3. Keeping it up-to-date (now at version

4. Tested it on the same dual-boot machine by this time using Windows 7.

5. Tried it several times even a completely different machine with Windows 10.


Sometimes when i use the clipboard for some other purpose I wish I could just block Evernote from monitoring it and just turn it on whenever I need it...

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Since this seems likely to be beyond any user-based knowledge here, and you're about ready to pay anyway, maybe you should go ahead and sign up for Premium so you can raise this with Evernote tech support. If they're unable to provide a solution, and it makes Evernote unusable for you, you can always cancel your subscription after a month or so.

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It's not unusable, I like it how it organised and keeps your notes together.


Yesterday I deleted the database yet again, then this this reconstructed on a brand new SSD, it worked perfectly for the rest of the day, but next day the problem returned back in full force.

Really strange, my PCs can't be any different from anyone else.


I now been thinking of instalingl it in guest OS inside Virtualbox, when I need open all the time.


Meanwhile my mystery continues...

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Thought I'll update here again with good news!

But after updating to version 6.8.6387 over a week ago, I haven't a single problem with this anymore.


Dunno what you changed but its fixed that once annoying issue, very thankful for it. 

Now more than happy to upgrade to subscription very soon.




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