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Strikethrough formatted text has been removed!

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My strikethrough text in ALL my notes has disappeared with the last EN update for Windows!!! Is it normal? Has anyone the same problem? I have the text, but all strikethrough format have been lost for always.
So, if this is that happens in formatted texts with EN updates, it is a very, very upset issue.

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3 minutes ago, flx.iglesc said:

My strikethrough text in ALL my notes has disappeared with the last EN update for Windows!!!

Can you check your notes using the web platform (www.evernote.com) to see if it's just a Windows display problem

The discussion has been moved to the Windows forum

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I have also run into this problem.

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and am running the latest Evernote client.

My strikethrough text is showing no strikethrough on the Windows Evernote client.  I can see the strikethrough text on the iOS Evernote client and the Web client.

If I apply the strikethrough formatting to a new block of text in the Windows client, it is visible.  It is only the previously formatted text with is not showing the strikethrough format.

Is there any way I can correct this in the Windows client?


OS: Windows 10 Home (ver. 1703)

Evernote Windows Client: (305825) (CE Build cd-1.28.2184)

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5 hours ago, flx.iglesc said:

Thank you! On the web platform they are perfect. So at least, all strikethrough format is correct in somewhere. However in my desktop windows App, this format still without appears.

Be careful editing those notes in Windows then, as you might risk corrupting them permanently! Check if there is any risk, by editing a copy and compare the note with the web version.

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Having the same issue. All existing strikethroughs in all notes are not displaying on the windows program.

The strikethroughs show up fine on web viewer and on android.

There are more unwelcome issues on the latest update than one could hope for..

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Thanks for the reports.  I moved this to the help section since it's an issue, not a feature request. This has been added to the issue backlog and is scheduled to be fixed in a future release. Until this issue is resolved, you can uninstall 6.7.5 and reinstall 6.5.4 if you need the strikethough text on Evernote for Windows Desktop or use Evernote Web

You can install Evernote for Windows Desktop 6.5.4 from here.

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21 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Yipes, to put it mildly. This and all the other formatting issues are why I've continued to linger on v. 6.5.4. Amazing that no one caught this in beta!

Betas must not strike through!  :wacko:

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