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(Archived) Update Suggestions

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I would like to be able to type a word in the box where you add tags to notes, and any part of that word shows up in the drop down box


If I type GTD then these tags should show up

GTD suggestions

Project set up GTD

Examples of GTD

Cursor is still jumping when the advertisement box refreshes, and when evernote syncs

Ability to open a new note without leaving the current view I am working on. This is a biggie, I will be working in a view and think of something new I want to add in a note and currently I have to click on add a note and loose the view I am working in.

I hope the team is working on incorporating more GTD into Evernote.

Here is some feedback

I like the way tag selection is smart enough not to show the tag I have already selected


Keep up the good work

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