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(Archived) What's getting fixed in next release?


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I've written about this before, but I'm surprised at how few report having this issue in the forums. The newest version 1.4 (84727) of the Android App is supposed to use the same camera settings as the phone, but I am only able to take the smallest resolution pictures with no option to select higher resolutions like I can in just the camera. I've seen others report this problem back in the Beta version. Just want to make sure this issue is being looked into.

Also, is local caching of data coming in the next version? I heard that it was.

I do love the cool multi function search though on Android. Nice job on that guys.

Edit: I will add that my phone is a Sprint HTC Hero. I had this problem before and after the recent OS 2.1 update.

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I am also seeing this issue with my HTC Hero (Sprint Android v2.1). I didn't notice it until I recently went to enter some hand-written notes into Evernote, only to find the paltry 640x480 resolution the only available with the camera.

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