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Damaged Evernote File on Mac

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Greetings,  I have a Mac, updated software and all. When I tried to open Evernote I get an alert that the file is damaged and I need to delete and re download from Mac Store. Before I do that I can't remember if I have local files or not.  Is the process as easy as taking the old evernote out of application folder and redownloading?  Will old/local notes still be on the computer?

Thank you



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Reinstalling the app will not impact the database

However, anyone with Local Notebooks should have backups in place.  This data is not backed up or protected by Evernote

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1 hour ago, ancil said:

Ok thanks but where are the notes?  I do use time machine for back up but do not know where the normal evernote would store the local files.

If you're interested in the database folder location

Option Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder

No special location for Local Notebooks; the notes are just part of the database

>>I do use time machine for back up but do not know where the normal evernote would store the local files.

I wouldn't rely on a TM backup.  
Do a separate export 
for each notebook

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Hmmm  I was able to redownload the app from MacStore, I did find old local notes however your screen looks different than mine.  I do not have that Troubleshooting screen.  Is there a reason for that? My screen grab below.  I do back up individual local thru export but wasn't sure how long ago.


Thank you for the help!



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