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Auto update always update the wrong folder !(install to default path C:\xxxx)



After auto update, I can't open evernote with my previous shortcut, then I recall this:  Evernote auto update alway install in C:\  , the default path !!! 

This happened from a long time ago,  why you can't detect current evernote installation path ???


I'd like all tools install in D:\  ., I  have to uninstall it ,and search to find a normal install package to install to D:/ again !

At least , a fresh install  would ask you to choose the  installation path, why the update can't ????

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Hi.  My installed path is just the standard,  so I don't tend to have bad experiences though from time to time I wind up reinstalling the app rather than just updating.  I moved your query to a votable Feature Request page to see if there's a lot of support for your request..

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It would be great if people experiencing this could send the logs (in %TEMP%) to support (there are 2 log files). We've tried to repro here, and the upgrade left the new version installed in the old place.

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9 minutes ago, gazumped said:

See @dconnet's post above - I'd guess something about the network is the issue,  but it's up to Evernote whether they can fix that...

On what thread do i find the note or should i simply click on the profile? Sorry friend, it's just that i am still relatively new here and a bit overwhelmed and confused :)

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