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Paste and Match Style funtion no longer working

Jeremy Kalaf


I just upgraded this am (to  It seems that the Paste and Match Style doesn't work like it did yesterday.  It used to paste it just like it would be in Notepad, but now it doesn't work like that.  All formatting used to be removed, and now, it still contains cell blocks. 

Has this feature been changed?  Or is it broken?

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I have the same problem/change with Ctrl-Shift-V, Paste and Match Style

There changed when I upgraded to Windows Desktop version (305825) Public (CE Build ce-1.28.2184).

Previously I could copy from a Webpage, Jira text, Word, etc..., and use Paste and Match Style and get just the text without any formatting 

  • Paste (Ctrl-V) would attempt to replicate the source text format
  • Paste and Match Style (Ctrl-Shift-V) would paste text only - which is both expected and preferred for this option IMHO.

Now they both seem to behave the same.

Per Help => Release Notes

Release Notes for Windows version 6.7

Fixes and Improvements
Fixed paste + match style behavior where not all content was being pasted as expected

Notice I used that same keystroke Ctrl-Shift-V to paste that text above into my Windows Chrome browser.


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