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Feature request: to remove the line between tables



Hello, please consider the possibility to remove the extra line space added automatically between two tables. If someone needs this space I suppose it's should be easy to add by pressing Enter.

Or - as an option - the extra line space might be added automatically, but if someone doesn't need it, there should be the working way to remove it. Thank you.

For more information please refer to the ticket # 2212116 

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Hi.  As you probably found by now,  the Forums are a source of tech help,  but we aren't Support.  We're a -mainly- user-based group able to comment based on our experience.  My suggestion here would have been to add more lines to an existing table rather than create a new section,  but I'd be interested to hear what Support came back with if you found any alternative solutions...

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Hi, thank you for your reply! I know that this forum isn't Support. Before posting here, I've exchanged several mails with Support, and they suggested that I post my issue here tagged feature request. They also said that that extra line in between tables couldn't be removed so far.  I decided to add additional empty lines with merged cells in them (as you also suggest), so it looks like a break between sections and behaves much better! :) 

all the best 

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4 hours ago, Karenine said:

They also said that that extra line in between tables couldn't be removed so far.

One of the lines accommodates a slider bar should the table extend beyond the edge of the screen, the other is for the table UI elements for columns at the top of the table.  Similar issue with the extra margin introduced on the left with the new table UI.  Methinks EN will need to go to some sort of floating invocation of the UI and some dynamic present of the scroll bar when working a wide table.  Otherwise the space is here to stay, other than consolidate tables as you have done.

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