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Evernote page displaying 2x normal size


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After 6 years using Evernote basic on my Chromebook, this morning the Evernote page renders so large I cant see right 1/3 of the page. Menu icons, text, everything is 2X normal.  I can only see left 1/2 of any note.  No way to scroll right.

I know of no way to cause this to happen.  All other apps on Chromebook displaying normally

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I did but thank you for responding.  It's more than Evernote would do.  They responded to my request for help by stating their new policy - they will not help users who are using the base app.  I will be looking for a  shiny new app.  There are many more available than when I started with Evernote.  I don't criticize them for offering a premium product but I think it is a mistake to remove support for base app users.

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I am a Chromebook user with a few ideas. I would initially ask about resetting your zoom—defined per site—to default and whether the window is maximized or possibly wider than the actual screen size. 

In any case, it looks like you might be finding something else. Good luck.

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