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(Archived) Note not updating on Motorola Droid


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I apologize if this has already been posted. I searched but couldn't find the answer to my issue.

I have the Android Evernote application on my Motorola Droid. I had created a note in the application on my phone a few weeks back. Today I logged into my account on Evernote's web site and updated that note to add more information. As of 1 hour later that note has not been updated on my Droid to reflect the changes I completed on the web site. My Droid is on a wi-fi network so I know there are no network issues to restrict this note from updating.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a way to force a sync or update in Evernote on my Droid?

I was thinking my next step to ensure this note got updated on my Droid would be to go to the Evernote web site with my notes, copy the information off this problem note, delete the note on the site, ensure it gets deleted on my Droid then recreate a new note with that same information to see if this solves my problem. But I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced my issue and had a fix for it.

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I am having the same issue. This is causing major problems as I use Evernote for important things like remembering what to take with me when I travel. Can't find an option to force sync. Had to log out and log back in. Not acceptable.


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Same issue here. Weirdly, when viewing the note details, it shows that the note has been updated--but the contents of the note are not showing as updated. Props to predator117, as logging out and back in updated the note.

Further weirdness was, though, that logging back in was odd--the app kept popping up an invalid log on dialogue (repeatedly) and this made it a very interesting experience trying to input my password.... :o/

Hope that Evernote can figure this one out.


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Yes, this has been discussed multiple times. However, it's still good to post your personal findings in the hope that they eventually fix this issue.

Thanks Jim. Nice to know that we're not the only ones!


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I had this problem with a note where I save various quotes I want to remember. I had been using my Android for multiple days, jotting down dozens of quotations that I wanted to keep. I did not realize that the note was not syncing until today, when I opened my Evernote for Mac client.

So, at the advice of the people in this thread, I logged out and logged back in -- and I lost all of the quotes I have entered over the past several days. Thankfully, this wasn't important business or financial information, but it is still exceedingly frustrating that I put work into saving this information only to lose it because of some stupid bug. Hopefully others haven't lost more important data because of it.

Please fix this soon. The whole benefit of evernote is to be able to update and edit notes on the go from any client, and not being able to trust that the Android client will save the information properly is a huge disincentive to continue using this product.


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I'm also having this issue. I logged out, logged back in and lost all of the information I had put in. For me, I had appended the text in an already existing note with my Droid. I originally created the note with the desktop client.

I wish this problem would be fixed. I already waited through other Android bugs, and I'm getting a bit perturbed.

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I also have a Motorola Droid and last night copied into Evernote about 20 notes from another application. I could see them online and in the PC software. That worked nicely but this morning when I started the Droid I could see none of my notes!!! That had me worried! About an hour later when I checked they were all back there. Bot times I was using my wireless network so had good signal. Where did the notes go and why did it take so long to get them back?

Finally, are the notes stored on the phone or do they always have to be downloaded every time the application is opened? This would be very slow and not acceptable!

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