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New apple watch app, good redesing but buggy.



The new watch app go in the good direction but after a while stops working properly. Pushing + button takes you to note taking menu but don´t launch "talk to write". Only after setting a reminder the app permits you write something... 

Please work in this and the app would be perfect. 




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The original watch app was so much easier  - click plus, start talking, save a note. Now you have to start a note, it forces you to set a reminder before you can do anything, dictate and then you can remove the reminder if you don't want one and save it - its obviously has a bug that needs to be fixed asap - I almost dumped evernote for onenote until I read this thread - this needs to be fixed asap

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On 23.9.2017 at 4:35 AM, inchi_oyes said:

Only after setting a reminder the app permits you write something...

Yes, it is not possible to add a normal note. How is it even possible to release such an update? It was obviously not tested, not even once. But even worse: There is no immediate update to fix this fundamental error. I wonder if Evernote is even noticing this as obviously nobody at Evernote is actually using their own Watch app.

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