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Send note and attachment to Google Calendar

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I'm not at all sure that Google Calendar itself is set up for that, though there's a lot I've never tried to use it for. There might possibly be a 3rd-party service that can do this. I use Cronofy simply to coordinate alerts between Evernote notes and Google Calendar. I think it can do more elaborate tasks that that, but I don't know about what you're needing to do. It would sure be worth Googling the topic, though, if no one here knows a way.

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Hmmn.  It's probably possible to set something up,  although Evernote doesn't have a scripting option that would send a note + attachment by email,  and Google Calendar (AFAIK) doesn't allow attachments to be added that way anyway.  GCal wants any attachments to appointments to be stored in Google Drive.  I seem to recall seeing a note somewhere about a way to strip attachments from emails and send them to Google Drive - that might have been via IFTTT - and there are other multi-app integrations that might help like Zapier / Workflow / Taskclone and others.  I agree with Dave that a dive into Google's help screens,  plus a chat with a local IT guy and/ or some web searches would help you narrow down the application(s) you need,  depending on exactly what you need to do.

(While there's no actual mechanism within Evernote to automate operations,  your average device will be able to use third party software to capture keystrokes and (in some cases and if applicable) mouse movements, - see AutoHotKey,  Phrase Express - and a lot can be done with MacOS scripting.







EDIT:  And of course there's the alternative suggestion - why can't the person sending you these PDFs just stick them into a shared calendar directly so you can see them in place?  ;)  (Too easy,  I know...)

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On 2017-09-22 at 6:02 AM, Sherry1660 said:

I need to send the note and PDF to my Google calendar on the dates that I assign. 

Can't help with the pdf, but an automatic Google Calendar entry can be created that links back to the Evernote note

As mentioned, Cronofy will create a calendar entry triggered by Reminder Date

IFTTT will create a calendar entry triggered by notebook or tag59c68efcb8bfb_ScreenShot2017-09-23at09_37_59.png.c8aace947b7b87a7481ac6d111b13232.png
Heres a sample script

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