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Siri and Evernote in IOS 11

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So I am trying to come back to using Evernote now that I have ordered an Apple watch.  I have IOS 11 on my iPhone and the latest Evernote.  I can "sometimes" get Siri to create a list in evernote, but a good list of commands we can give to Siri would be VERY helpful as Siri tends to confuse creating a note in Evernote and the Apple Notes or Apple Reminders apps.  I say the word "Evernote" in my commands and some will work and others Siri will create a freaking note in the Apple Notes app named Evernote or some stupid thing.  Trying to get Siri to Create and Add to Notes in Evernote is a pain when it decides it wants to create them in Apple Notes instead.  What I would really like to be able to do is create a checklist in evernote with Siri (i.e. a shopping list).  I'm not having much luck.  

Any tricks or advice you can give me for getting this new feature working as a useful feature?  

"Hey Siri, Evernote create a list named Frogs" = A new list named Frogs in the Reminders app.  Fail. :-(

"Hey Siri, Evernote create a note named Trees" = A new note named Trees in the Notes app.  Fail.  :-(

"Hey Siri, Evernote, create a note called Meeting Ideas” = A new note named Meeting Ideas in the Notes App.  Fail :-(


At this point, I don't even know how I got it to work 'sometimes' previously.  Sigh.  So dissapointed.

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