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android users.
i am a heavy user of EVERNOTE and huge fan.

i use it for everything.

the use of reminders was not good enough for me , so , i have developed, for my own use, a 3 dimensional unique view of REMINDERS.
Looks great , easy to use , colofull
i would love to get you input before uploading it to the EVERNOTE app center.
interested ? , send me a request  ,
manny@REBO.com and i will send you back the APK.

( no tricks , no malware , no virus )


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On 9/20/2017 at 2:29 AM, gazumped said:

Hi.  Sounds interesting,  but I think we'd be happier if this came via Evernote or Google Play.  Do you have any more details of exactly what this app does?  Is it different from all the other to-do apps on the market?

You are correct. i will upload it to the app market , a soon as i will have some initial beta users remarks. please send me your email, so i  send yoi the link back to try it out. i will appreciate it much. Manny@NVOYA.com

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