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Suppose that I open Evernote main window in Space (of expose) 4 and open a note separately in Space 2. The current space should be kept in Space 2 while I am editing the note. However, Spaces unexpectedly navigate the current space to Space 4 where the Evernote main window is opened.

This is very annoying when I am editing a note referring other applications such as Safari and Mail.app.

I am using Evernote 1.9.0 and OS X 10.6.4.

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I think I had been using Evernote for the better part of a year, until last summer, and, though it had many incredibly helpful and intuitively implemented features, I simply can't go back to using it on my Mac until the problem with Spaces has been fixed. In my own experience, if I have dragged one Evernote window to another space, Spaces ends up dragging all of the Evernote windows to that Space. As my workload increased, this just made it much, much harder to organize and use my notes. For three years, Spaces has been an essential function of my Mac, one I use constantly, and I just came to the conclusion that I can't regularly use software that breaks under it. I'm not naive enough to believe that Apple programs everything perfectly, mind you, but I think the only other program I had this problem with was Word 2004, and Microsoft ended up fixing the problem in short order.

I had to go to using a different note-taking program for the Mac that, while not always as intuitive, or containing the same features, doesn't break under Spaces. It was actually annoying to have to give up some of Evernote's features, but whenever my workload spiked, things just became too difficult to organize.

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