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Subscription Price increase confusion.

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Im wondering if anyone else is seeing this with their subscription. I subscribe thru iTunes and last month iTunes emailed me that my annual Premium account renewal would go from $44.99 - 69.99. I was going to downgrade to the plus account and when I tried change my account type it told me, "Your Current Premium annual subscription is discounted to 44.99 instead of the list price of 69.99".(attached is the screenshot from the Evernote site) I contacted support and they said "Its a bug in the system". but they kept telling me that the iTunes price is still the lower price. I don't think they understand the question. Anyone else have this issue or know of an actual number to call and talk to someone?



Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 1.30.44 PM.png

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Hi.  My view would be that iTunes are NOT Evernote and (if I understood you correctly) your renewal cost is cheaper through Evernote direct.  Provided iTunes haven't yet charged you,  and you can cancel with them in time,  why not just pay Evernote direct instead of going through a third party reseller?

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I don't know anything about iTunes, but when the annual subscription price was raised, there was a discount for the first year's renewal. That's what I experienced, anyway: in 2014-2016, I paid $45/year; in May 2017 I paid $59.99; my current account information says that on 5/10/18 I will be charged $69.99. But looking at that, your $44.99 would be the pre-increase rate. There is, unfortunately, no phone number to call. If it were me, I'd renew and see what I got billed. If it wasn't $44.99, then I'd immediately downgrade to Plus. A bit time-consuming, but probably not more so than a phone call.

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