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Auto Rotate feature (or - how to disable auto rotation)



Hi there Evernote and Scannable teams!


I use Scannable daily and love it, but I really want to ask for a feature that would save me so much time:

- Auto-Rotate: Allow through settings a flag which will disable the auto rotate when scanning docs. Sometimes your algorithm is turning upside down *every* page.

I'm using the iPhone application.


Thanks a lot!


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Hi.  Scannable hasn't had much love from the Evernote team recently - they've been busy adding the current functionality into the Evernote iOS and Android mobile apps.  Have you tried the document camera in Evernote for iOS?  It looks like the inclusive apps have been developing the Scannable concept a little further,  and may take over from the separate app in the future.  It's probably worth checking out what's available anyway...

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The Scannable functionality currently isn't working very good in the Evernote app. Which is very disappointing.

I have tried the Evernote cam scan,  but the Scannable cam is *way* better. So much that if I'll go from an iPhone to an android, I will keep the iPhone just for the Scannable app because android doesn't have the Scannable app.

Thanks anyway


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