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Web Clipper Date capture doesn't work

Greg Allen


Evernote and web clipper are great products. The least reliable aspect of web clipper is capturing the article's publication date when capturing a "simplified article." I only get dates in like 50% of my captures, which is a real nuisance. Please fix this. 

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Hi.  Unless it's a unique feature of the Chrome clipper,  I wasn't even aware that it captured publication dates at all...  my Firefox clipper shows created and updated dates for the note itself,  plus the URL from which the note is clipped.  If there is a publication date in the body of the clipped text I guess it would be included,  but that's by accident,  not design.

It would be possible to include the publication date (if it's available) in a note title - I do this for letters and emails so I can sort them in order of receipt.  The format to use is yy (or yyyy)mmdd as the first characters in the title.  I generate my dates with one keypress via Phrase Express.

Unless the publication date is shown in the clipped body text I don't see how Evernote will be able to verify what that date should be,  so it seems unlikely that this will be a feature they can add anytime soon...

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