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making info hidden

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If I want to hide certain information written in my notes, - Or indeed the whole note, for simplicity's sake - there doesn't seem to be a way to do it! ? I know you can encrypt chunks of text, but it appears these have to be all in one paragraph... what if I want to keep the format of my paragraphs? If it's long text I'd have to go through all of it taking all the paragraphs out?? 

I could hide notes entirely - retrieveable by password - but this doesn't seem to be available either! 

That's pretty bad isn't it? 

I'm not talking about hiding information from hackers, more from prying eyes. Or in case someone steals my computer etc. 

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6 hours ago, Petica said:

Or indeed the whole note, for simplicity's sake

My solution is to use encrypted pdfs59ba9163053aa_ScreenShot2017-09-14at07_25_15.png.6d88c192710740e930a5e003964d478a.png

If its a working document, I use encrypted office/iworks documents
Evernote works well with thse documents as attachments to notes

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