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Evernote International not syncing in China



I am an Evernote International Premium user living in China.

It has become practically impossible to get to sync my account. The few times it did sync I was using a VPN, but presently, it won't sync even with the VPN on. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the program many times now. I post this message here as the customer service in China is directed to the app Yinxiangbiji, it is all in Chinese, and they have no suggestions other than "use a VPN". 

Has anyone suffered the same frustrations here, how did you solve it?

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same problem here, is there any help? 

12:08:13 [INFO   ] [8156] [4236] Client synchronization started
12:08:13 [INFO   ] [8156] [5060] 0% Loaded updateCount: 760
12:08:14 [ERROR  ] [8156] [5060] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 500, error: Internal Server Error
12:08:15 [INFO   ] [8156] [4236] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
12:08:15 [ERROR  ] [8156] [4236] * error: Sync failed due to unexpected problem server side
12:08:15 [INFO   ] [8156] [4236] * elapsed time: 1s
12:08:16 [ERROR  ] [8156] [5188] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 500, error: Internal Server Error

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