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HELP! Content suddenly disappeared from my note! URGENT!

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I use Evernote at work on a daily basis to keep a log of what I do. Today I worked ALL day on a note, summarising the content of several scientific publications in few key point, ready for my boss to take over tomorrow. Just before I was leaving, I suddenly lost ALL today's work. I am desperate as I have a little baby and I really need to go home, I cannot spend other extra 7 hours in the office going through everything I did today, and I feel so frustrated for having lost all today's work! 

  • I use the free version, so no note history 
  • the web version is no different to the one on my desktop
  • I am absolutely sure that I didn't delete today's work by mistake because I added new lines in different part of the existing note, I would have had to intentionally select all of them individually to delete them.

Any ideas on

  • how to get today's work back
  • what could have happened
  • how to avoid this problem to happen again in the future?

I am trying to promote the use of Evernote at work, and this accident doesn't help for sure! 


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On 2017-09-13 at 9:04 AM, Noemi said:

I use the free version, so no note history 

Note History is running throughout the day and may have captured versions of your note

Access to the Note History data is a paid feature, but you can subscribe for a single month

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