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Do not require Administrator login to update



Is it actually so that you demand me logging in to Windows as an administrator, before I can update Evernote for Windows?

I currently run Evernote (304720) Public on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit as a Windows User Account.

When I try to Run Evernote As Administrator, I still get the message: "An administrator needs to login and install the new version."

Why is this so, and can you please fix this software so that it can update itself without having to log out of Windows an in as a Windows Administrator Account?

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Hi.  It's not a routine requirement that you log in as Administrator,  though in practice it often gets around Windows' restrictions on folder access and occasional complications about who installed Evernote in the first place.  You could try File > Exit and Uninstalling your current setup completely and re-downloading the current version of Evernote.  A restart and reinstall using your current profile may resolve your issues.  NB: Locate your Databases folder via Tools > Options > General and copy it to your desktop for safety before you begin this process.

Reinstall Evernote and log in using your normal user details.  If you have problems seeing your notes,  replace the newly installed databases folder with your backup.

As a general note,  right-clicking an EXE file will usually pop up a menu offering an option to 'run as administrator' if your current profile has that level.


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Thanks for trying to help.

I found an easyer way:

  1. Exit from Evernote
  2. Switch user in Windows to an Admin-user (without logging out of my current Windows user)
  3. Start Evernote and go Help -> Check for Updates
  4. Download and install
  5. Log the Admin out of Windows and log back to my running Windows user
  6. Start Evernote

This works and I think I will stick to this method.

But still, it would be best if Evernote would develop their Windows Software capable of running as a user, not needing to get admin-credentionals.

If a user wishes to use features that demands Evernote Installer to get Admin-rights in Windows, then the user can supply it.
For user not having or who do not want Evernote to get Admin-rights, some Evernote-features would not work.
Easy to solve, no?

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Thank you for your reply.
Other aplications does not seem to have this issue.
Is it posible that the integrating features (like Outlook Plugin) is the reson for this?
For me, I do not want Evernote to integrate into my Windows system.
I want to use it as a standalone app, being as secure it can.

When there is a security issue, everyone must update, yes?
Quickly, right?

Evernote Developers: Please make it as easy as posible to maintain and update you're software!

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