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Evernote for Mac 6.12.2 Beta 1

Chantal Leonard


  • Evernote Staff

Hi Folks - 

We're releasing another dot release with a fix to help ease some issues users are encountering around copy/pasting content from Evernote into some other apps. You can download it here. Please help us validate and hopefully it'll provide some respite to those encountering the issue while we prep to push this out broadly in a few days


Chantal and the rest of the Mac Team 

Version 6.12.2 Beta 1

Fixed: A fix where text when copied from Evernote and pasted into another app sometimes has additional punctuation and other characters added to it.

Version 6.12.1

Fixed: A fix for a crash some users are encountering on quitting the app.

Version 6.12

Major improvements to tables!

Some highlights of what you can do with tables now:

  • Add more rows and columns with a single click: Point to where you want a new column and click the plus button that appears.
  • Select the contents of a cell by clicking and dragging.
  • Choose the entire column or row just by clicking the header.
  • Drag and drop entire rows & columns.
  • Copy and paste multiple cells: Select the cells you want to move, copy them, move cursor to a new spot and paste all the cells with one click.
  • Adjust the width of one column without affecting the width of the column next to it.
  • Scroll horizontally to view a table with many columns without expanding your window.
  • Hover within a cell to activate advanced table options.
    • You can distribute columns evenly
    • Match the table width to the width of your window
    • Change the alignment of items within cells
    • Add and change background colors

Multi-tasking improvements

  • Keep your Evernote content organized using tabs. Create a new tab by selecting the 'New Tab' option under the File menu.
  • Pick up from where you left off - if you exit the app and re-open it, you'll return to your previously opened windows / state.

Separation of Business and Personal

  • No longer intermingle your business and personal content in your Evernote experience but still multi-task when you need to. Improving on 6.11 Beta 1 & 2, we've added support for having business and personal notes open side-by-side.

Bug fixes

We’ve fixed several bugs that users reported including:

  • Evernote does not update business tags list after the sync
  • Pasting a large amount of text into a note fails with no error message
  • An intermittent crash on account switching
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Looks like it is fixed now. The installation is hokey as it reset my view configuration with the notebooks and notes. Also my installation crashed and had to restart evernote a few times. not sure if this is because its a beta version. Thanks for handling this so quick.

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I'm keeping an eye on sync activity and I see this in the activity log
I had no changes, and wasn't expecting any activity
but with each sync, I see     processLocalNotebookExpungements] | 14 notebooks to expunge
I'm not a big notebook user; I only have 6 notebooks

2017/09/13 15:37:45:879 I|*   68252 -[ENSyncEngine(Notes) processLocalNoteChanges] | Processing local note changes...
2017/09/13 15:37:45:912 I|*   68252 -[ENSyncEngine(Resources) processLocalResourceChanges] | Processing local resource changes...
2017/09/13 15:37:45:917 I|*   68252 -[ENSyncEngine(Notebooks) processLocalNotebookExpungements] | Processing local notebook expungements...
2017/09/13 15:37:45:966 I|*   68252 -[ENSyncEngine(Notebooks) processLocalNotebookExpungements] | 14 notebooks to expunge
2017/09/13 15:37:45:999 V|    68252 -[ENThriftLogger tHTTPStatsNofiticaion:] | https://www.evernote.com/shard/s10/notestore expungeNotebook 200 181 95 0.03272497653961182
2017/09/13 15:37:45:999 E|*** 68252 -[ENSyncEngine(Notebooks) expungeServerNotebookWithGUID:] | expungeNotebook: threw: <EDAMNotFoundException: 0x60800b663900; identifier = Notebook.guid; key = 5b73258f-80a9-4587-9f85-0c6e953b3ef4;>
2017/09/13 15:37:46:469 I|*   68252 -[ENSyncEngine(Notebooks) expungeNotebooksWithGUIDsIn:] | Expunging 14 notebooks

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5 hours ago, cameronreilly said:

Just pointing out that Version 6.12.2 Beta 1 hasn't fixed the multiple "conflicting changes" reports I'm getting on notes I'm working on. 

1800 1800 Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 7.29.46 pm.jpg

We're currently aware of this and we're working on a fix. Thanks for reporting!

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