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Fatal error

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I've been getting a fatal error while opening one of my notes that's extremely important to the job I'm on. A box opens suggesting that I send the Log error to evernote and I do But zero response. I've also sent a ticket in for this issue. If I cannot open this not I will have lost days of work. I hope Evernote will look into this topic now and I exhausted my option with this program. Attached is the Fatal error log .



Neil Platon


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Hi.  Sorry for the slow response here.  We're not Evernote support,  though this Forum is part of the help & support network provided by the company.  This is a (mainly) user-driven forum where we can comment and suggest fixes and work-arounds from our experience as (for the most part) long-time Evernote users.  As you already know,  the Support team is available on https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a paying customer,  Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not.

The Fatal Error reports you were sending are not support requests - they're general information for the development team on systems that might be failing.  There's not usually any response.

You should have had a ticket number response to your support request - hopefully you will have sorted this out by now.  If not,  the usual work-around suggestion would be to split your problem note in two.  Likely one of the two 'child' notes will also be a problem,  so split that again...  until you can identify what's causing the issue.  Copying the content into a text editor and copying that text back into your note will remove any 'hidden' codes.

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