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(Archived) Some Beta Observations

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I dislike generic forum titles, but this is the best I could do. These are kind of scattershot and only a few so far. Some of these have probably been mentioned before but it's not easy finding each of these in the beta board.

**Shouldn't the Tags be notebook specific? Or, are you forcing me to redefine what a "notebook" is?

**The searching for symbols is a MUST. If one can't search for @title or @keyword, there is no way to differentiate the body text with keywords. Did I mention this is a MUST.

**I am beginning to understand how tags have replaced categories, but I vote for this... If one creates a nested tag, when the parent tag is chosen, all of the notes that fall under those child tags should also appear.

Parent (3)



If I click on "Parent," I would like to see all 10 notes including the children tags, not just 3 in the parent.

**The mobile client (Windows Mobile in my case) needs to be able to add tags to each note before uploading. In addition, certainly this will be changed, but the uploaded note shouldn't show up as a "text note," it should have a normal title just like the rest of the notes.

**As an alternative (or addition) to making a notebook public, I would like to be able to set up additional users for permissions (read and read+write) to them.

**I know this has been mentioned, but I am still having a hard time behind my work proxy. This proxy requires authentication, which works some of the time, but once it fails (which is often,) instead of fixing itself, it requires a complete exit and restart of the app. It needs to have configurable proxy settings built in.

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I was trying to make a post but found you've already hit most of my concerns!

I'm seconding the permission notebook. Any chance of creating a collaboration notebook in the future or should I just burn an invite by creating a disposable account I can pass out to the friends I'd like to collaborate with on creative projects? We've been toying around with various planning devices like private Livejournal communities or Google Docs, but Evernote has had so far the best interface. If a collaboration option ever presents itself in the future, great! If there's no plans for that ever, I'll happily burn an invite.

Right now, the only thing I could see using a public notebook for would be as a kind of Evernote style blog. Personally, a joint Evernote user notebook option would be lovely.

Also seconding the tags issue, which you put more succinctly than I could.

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