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Move through notes in a notebook just by scrolling

Matt Stevans


I use evernote as a research notebook for academic research and it would be awesome to be able to scroll through the content of one note directly into the contents of the next note in my notebook. Currently, browsing my notes is clunky as I have to click on one note, scroll through it, click on the next note, then scroll through it, and so on. If scrolling to the bottom of one note automatically opened the next note this would make browsing my notebook easier and more like flipping through a physical research notebook.

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Yes, and I would also like to see a way to left or right swipe a note on my phone to go next or previous one. As you rightly say, it's very clunky to go from one note to another, and it seems that there is the same problem on every platform where I have used Evernote (Windows, Web version, Android, Linux... ) 

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You're about 15 years too late 😀.  EverNote in its original form had a continuous tape view that allowed you to endlessly scroll through your notes.  Here is a link to an early user manual with some pictures:


It was actually pretty polarizing.  People either loved it or hated it.  Before it was removed most of the forum traffic was about how awful it was.  After, comments focused on how wonderful. it was and how it was missed.  Software designers will never please everyone 😉

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Surely this can be an option you can toggle on or off? The fact that it existed and some people liked it, then was removed wholesale seems an odd product decision. I have the same feedback as the first two posters, I find the interface clunky for clicking back and forth between notes and would like to be able to scroll continuously through notes in my notebook if possible. 

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