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Support Ticket 2202089 unanswered. Where are you support team?

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Where are you, support team? This freezing/color wheel issue seems to be pretty common. You must have a quick fix for it, right? Where did you go? Thank you.

Bill Mount

Sep 8, 05:41 PDT 

As I'm typing in a note, Evernote freezes and presents the color wheel. This happens at random times, but unacceptably frequently. Things will unfreeze after a minute or so.



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Hi.  Sorry, but this is a mainly user-supported Forum - not the Evernote tech team.  We don't receive tickets and can't chase them up - although the fact you have one means you are in a queue and will get a live human helper soon.  It usually takes a working day or so;  can be longer if there are a lot of enquiries.

There's no magic fix for this issue that I'm aware of,  though a device restart may help - what version of Evernote do you have?

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