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What's the best way t copy format of text in the notes?

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Hi.  You can't copy text formatting on a paragraph by paragraph basis,  but you can copy a note.  If you format some placeholder text and then save the note as a template,  just copy the note and type in the format you selected earlier.  (On a desktop export the note to ENEX and double click the enex file on your desktop to create a new note with that setup.)

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On 5/8/2020 at 1:29 PM, Ahmed Douban said:

i have the same issue, creating a copy format function it will help alot. it is easy function but make huge difference in formatting specially for large notes, please consider this


On 6/9/2020 at 2:35 AM, bluehtml5 said:

every user need this funtion

The OP wanted some way to copy formatting other than by a feature that doesn't exist (yet) and there were several suggestions for options.  If none of these are right for you,  then it would be an idea to set up a Feature Request to attract votes and support from other users to indicate whether this would be a viable feature to add - i.e. would Evernote get their development costs back by attracting new members or converting new Basic users because of it.

Evernote are (they say) in process of completely re-coding all of their apps for all operating systems (See the Evernote Blog), so they may have already included this feature. But they don't preview details, so we'll probably have to wait until the new versions hit the streets to see what new features exist. 

(Strikes me that few users seem to be aware of this, so I'll boiler-plate this paragraph for inclusion with more answers...)

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